Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Wire Rope Sensor SX300 – Application Video Lock Gate

The extremely robust wire rope sensor SX300 by WayCon was developed specifically for measuring travel in hydraulic and telescopic cylinders. Using the SX300 when measuring the travel of hydraulic cylinders in embankment dam lock gates is now demonstrated in an application video.

Hydraulic cylinders open and close the lock gates and must sustain substantial water pressure in the process. The wire rope sensor is used to control and monitor the movem
ent speed and acceleration of the cylinders. The pressure-tight housing allows the sensor to be flange-mounted directly to the cylinder and the stainless steel measuring rope is simply secured to the piston. The sensor element, an absolute rotary encoder in the pressure-free range, provides precise information about the piston position with pinpoint accuracy and resolution.

Link to the video: https://youtu.be/NWjraXXY_Ng

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Measuring filling levels in automated Industry 4.0

Waycon Positionsmesstechnik GmbH is ideally equipped for the future

An automated measurement of substance filling levels in storage containers is essential in Industry 4.0. For a secure and stable production process, continuous monitoring of filling levels is an absolute prerequisite. Waycon Positionsmesstechnik offers needs-based, automated monitoring of filling levels for many industries.
These can be split into two main types:

·         Monitoring the filling level for the feeding and timing of the filling process as well as the retrieval of stock status.
·         Initiating safety measures (e.g. shutting down) when a maximum or minimum filling level is reached

In the first case, we are talking about continuous filling level control. The filling level of the monitored substance can be registered at any time at any position in the container and ensures a continuous reading. The advantage of this is that capacity planning can be adapted for irregular use at any time in the production process.

In the second case, we are dealing with a “level detection”. Predefined maximum and/or minimum filling levels are defined and monitored throughout the production process. If the relevant level limit is exceeded or too low, an action is initiated. This monitoring method is best suited to continuous processes for the timely supply or removal of necessary substances. The level detection also serves as a safety measure, for example to avoid overfilling due to system shut down.

The different methods of filling level measuring
Filling level measuring works via contact or non-contact sensors which determine the distance between the sensor and the object being measured.

Ultrasound filling level measuring
Classic filling level measuring works with the help of ultrasound sensors. Measurement with ultrasound sensors is a non-contact method and is suitable for both continuous filling level control and level detection. Ultrasound sensors release high frequency oscillations, which are reflected through the object being measured. The time difference between the moments of “sending and receiving” is calculated. The advantage of this method is that it is not dependent on the substance used, e.g. oil or water.

Measuring filling level with the magnetostrictive principle
Magnetostrictive sensors are non-contact and free from wear.  A short, constant electrical pulse is sent via a waveguide. A freely moving position magnet reacts to the electrical pulse with a reversed torsion wave. Moving the position magnet produces a different run time for the response pulse. With the help of a pulse converter, this is finally converted into an electronic measurement signal. The magnet is embedded in a float and guarantees permanent registration of the filling level. Magnetostriction is non-contact but the float must make contact with the substance being measured.

Filling level measuring using draw wire sensors
Draw wire sensors are a contact measurement method. A stainless steel wire is coiled in a single layer around a drum with a pre-stressed mainspring. The measurement wire is attached to the object being measured and the is drawn from the drum if the position is changed. The drum’s axis is firmly attached to an electronic element, which converts the mechanical turning movement into a proportional electronic signal. For the filling level measuring, the measurement wire is connected to a float which is in contact with the measuring material.

Filling level measuring with the capacity principle
Capacity sensors measure changes in capacity. Thus the sensor and the object being measured always create a plate, as you find with a plate capacitor. The electronic field in between them is recorded and changes according to the distance. This measurement method is non-contact and is suitable for continuous monitoring and level detection.

WayCon offers suitable measurement engineering for all uses
With WayCon’s intelligent sensor solutions, measuring filling levels is easy and efficient. The Taufkirchen company’s broad production spectrum can be used in practically any industry and for any use. Companies are already equipped for Industry 4.0 with WayCon sensors for their filling level measuring.

You can find more information at www.waycon.de/home/ or
Product portfolio: www.waycon.de/produkte

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

NEW: Lasersensor LAV

Compact construction with analogue interface

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The LAV laser sensor is new to the WayCon Positionsmesstechnik GmbH laser sensor family. With the LAV, WayCon offers a good-value distance sensor for larger distances. Parameterisation via Teach-in guarantees adjustment to individual measuring operations. An intelligent internal signal analysis makes it possible for the sensor to work reliably, irrespective of colour and surface.
  • Measuring range from 0.2 to 50 m
  • Housing: ABS plastic
  • Direct analogue output 4…20 mA
  • Device plug M12 or 4-pole cable output
  • Operating temperature range: -30...+50°C
  • Protection class IP65
  • Ambient light limit 50000 Lux
Further Information in the data sheet.

Monday, June 1, 2015

New product brochure from WayCon, the specialist for professional sensor technology

WayCon Positionsmesstechnik GmbH, known for its precise sensor solutions, presents its product range in a new brochure. This provides an insight into the entire sensor portfolio for cable, laser and ultrasonic sensors as well as linear potentiometers, magnetostrictive transducers and capacitive position sensors. All the relevant technical data are explained in Detail.

The product range of WayCon includes inexpensive wire sensors with high reliability and precision accuracy. Equipped with a sturdy anodised aluminium casing, as well as optional Hartcoat® coating with a V4 measuring cable for corrosion protection, WayCon guarantees durability, even under the harshest of conditions.

For especially fast and accurate measuring work, WayCon also presents it proven laser sensors. In various versions, these sensors guarantee measurements in the micrometre range at a fast measurement frequency. The dot and line lasers even penetrate transparent discs.

WayCon’s linear potentiometers feature a variety of casing forms and installation options, including for spring stroke measurement, for example. What’s remarkable is the flexible mounting using clamping blocks, ball joints and flange.

Product information on magnetostrictive transducers and capacitive location sensors is also included in the brochure, along with ultrasonic sensors.
The German and English product brochures can be found at:
The Spanish version will follow shortly.

You can find more information at: http://www.waycon.biz/products/